MUTI is an advanced soothing repair balm designed to calm agitated skin & reduce redness fast. Amazing for rashes, burns, bruises, bites developed just for little people’s skin using nature’s best ingredients. MUTI gives instant relief and fast healing for milk rash, dry skin, eczema & nappy rash …healing baby skin – head to toe. Gentle enough for even a very newborn and perfect for toddlers and children of all ages. With Vitamin C, B5 and K1, millet seed, licorice root and aloe…a tiny little – goes a loooong way. Packed in a click-to-close small pump pack – you can use tiny portions on face, back, arms and face ( anywhere there is redness, dry skin or inflammation. Washi is FREE from parabens, chemical fragrances and mineral oil. BABY BY SIA – Naturally Gentle