Baby by Sia , TEEBI’S are natural amber teething beads.Many parents spend countless hours looking for a homeopathic product that provides relief for teething symptoms. TEEBI’S are the ideal solution for your teething baby.
When amber is worn on the skin,the skin’s warmth releases minuscule amounts of succinic acid which are then absorbed via the skin and can have an anti-inflammatory,calming and soothing effect on baby or toddlers.
TEEBI’S are naturally handcrafted and selected for quality insurance. Each beads is then individually thread and tied to assurance safety.


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Amber Teething Necklaces

Whether you are a first time parent or have a number of children, one of the unavoidable dilemmas you will face is how to help your child cope with the dreaded teething phase. Baby Baltic amber beads have slowly become a go-to item for mums and dads looking to help their infant and ease discomfort. There are many options and opinions when it comes to the treatment of teething, with some offering more relief than others. For parents, trying to determine the best way to relieve their baby’s pain and discomfort can be a time consuming and stressful experience.

What are they?

Teething amber beads offered at Baby by Sia are made using pure Baltic amber. The baby Baltic amber beads have succinic acid in them, which is known to be anti-inflammatory. When teething amber beads are placed on warm skin, the succinic acid is released in tiny amounts, offering a calming and anti-inflammatory effect on its wearer.

Baby amber beads are created from tree sap, which is completely natural. As this is derived from nature, a range of beautiful colours are available. Here at Baby by Sia, we have amber teething necklaces in 5 gorgeous colours.


We know how important the safety of a product is for parents looking to provide relief to their child. Here at Baby by Sia, the safety and comfort of your infants are our first priority. Each of our amber teething necklaces have been lovingly handmade. To ensure the safety of your baby, the Baltic amber beads have been individually tied. This ensures that even if the necklace snaps, the teething amber beads will remain in place and won’t roll off.

To prevent choking, our amber teething necklaces are made to snap if a certain amount of tension is reached. If a child pulls on it, the necklace will snap and relieve pressure and prevent choking. While precautions have been taken during the creation of these products, we strongly advise adult supervision for any child wearing the necklace. It should also be removed before the child has a nap or is put to bed for the night.

For more information on our Baltic amber beads and their uses, please get in touch with us.