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Baby’s skin is delicate and needs to be handled with care. That’s why mum of two and skin expert, Sia Hendry, has carefully formulated Baby by Sia, a unique skincare range for babies, using the finest gentle and soothing botanical ingredients to help baby’s skin stay soft, just as it should be.

With 15 years of knowledge in the skincare industry, Sia has seen first hand from her clients, as well as mums in her mothers groups and friends, how skin issues can cause discomfort, sleepless nights and many tears for mum and baby…

Washi Muti Zinki Teebi

Sia has turned her advanced knowledge into action to help mums by creating a 3-step skincare range for baby, that helps maintain baby’s delicate, soft and smooth skin by using Baby by Sia Washi,Muti and Zinki.

As well as Teebi, an all natural alternative to assist baby and toddlers while going though the teething stage.

Baby by Sia has been created using nature’s best and most gentle ingredients in a fine balance to help keep baby’s skin moisture and hydration levels optimal, without stripping away or impairing the skin’s top protective layer or damaging it with harsh or abrasive ingredients.Designed to work in harmony to address baby’s skin & teething needs. With natural moisturising, hydrating and protective ingredients, you can rest assured your little one’s skin will maintain its silky smooth appearance, just as it should be. Free from nasties such as preservatives, parabens, phenyoxyethanol or chemical fragrances, Baby by Sia helps maintain baby’s pH levels specific to each little individual’s skin type, which means dry, itchy skin and rashes on face or body are prevented and managed with care.