BabybySia Muti

Baby by Sia MUTI, is advanced soothing repair balm designed to calm agitated skin, help reduce redness and support healing of most rashes burns or bruises. With botanically sourced natural anti inflammatories, breathable moisture barriers and powerful antioxidants. Baby by Sia MUTI will help soothe and support baby’s skin from baby’s face to bottom. Milk rash, nappy rash, dry skin and even newborn dry inflamed skin will benefit from this balm. Using potent combination of Vitamins C,B5 and Kl together and Aloe vera, a little goes a long way. Safe to use on the face. FREE from Cortisone, Parabens , henoloxyethanol, Petroleum, Chemical Fragrances and Mineral Oil.

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Your All Natural Baby Ointment

No matter how much you protect your child, you are probably going to come across skin irritations, rashes, burns and even bruises that require attention. Whether it is the common nappy rash, milk rash or simply dry skin, finding a quick and soothing alternative is your first priority. Baby by Sia’s natural baby ointment, Muti, is an innovative, breathable barrier system designed to soothe agitated skin using botanically sourced ingredients.

Unlike many of the alternatives offered in baby sections throughout supermarkets, Muti is a natural baby ointment that protects the area whilst still allowing the skin to still breathe. Why is this so important? Many of us mistakenly think a barrier that blocks out everything will offer the most protection. However, having a non-breathable barrier can in fact cause more irritation. Some barriers can also be a thick consistency, making it hard to apply or leave a greasy, irritating residue. With a natural formula filled with soothing ingredients and natural anti-inflammatories, Muti is easy to apply and will continue to provide a soothing effect long after it is placed on the skin.

When to use it

As a no sting formula, Muti natural baby ointment has a wide range of uses, suitable for application on the face and body from newborns right through to teens. It can be used for any skin trauma or inflammation and can also be a great way to sooth burns and bruises. Basically, wherever the skin is irritated Muti can assist and aid in the healing process. Even suitable for adults too!

When it comes to placing creams and lotions on our child’s skin, we want to be sure it is going to be gentle enough to prevent irritation, yet strong enough to get the results you want. Our advanced formula contains calming botanical ingredients that sooth the skin, including aloe vera, and combines the benefits of Vitamin K and B5 in one effective product. Muti is free from any nasties, meaning:

  • No parabens
  • No cortisone
  • No petroleum
  • No chemical fragrances or mineral oils

If you would like to learn more about Muti and how it can help soothe your child’s skin irritations quickly and effectively, simply get in touch with us by calling. Or why not try it yourself to see the amazing results.