Is your baby itchy, sneezing or wheezing around particular fabrics or materials? They may have an allergy to something in fabrics or materials that are used near their skin that triggers symptoms. If you have eliminated most of the common food or environmental factors already, follow our tips on preventing baby fabric allergies below:

Say goodbye to baby eczema with fragrance free products

Does your baby have red, dry patches on her forehead, scalp, back of legs or neck? It could be eczema, a skin allergy your baby may have to fabrics and materials used in their babycare. Eczema is really itchy so for poor little ones who are experiencing it, this might be the only way they can tell you not to use the products on or near their skin.

How to prevent it

Switch to fragrance free washing and laundering products – giving up artificial scents that sweeten your baby’s skin is a small price to pay for their comfort. Perfumed products for bath, skin and laundry can aggravate sensitive skin and cause eczema, so your baby skincare should start with their nappies and end with their bath and bedtime materials used to keep them dry, warm and safe.

  • Use one detergent and wash cycle for the whole family – you do not have to use two different laundry products or wash cycles for your and your baby’s clothing and linen. There are many brands who recognise the sensitivity of most human skin rather than just yours or your baby’s, but bearing in mind that your child’s skin is half as thick as your own, consider swapping to a regular liquid detergent that is designed for sensitive skin. Powder detergents, like talcum powder, can have allergy-inducing effects on soft skin like your baby’s, and they rinse out better in the wash than powder, so do not get close to the skin.
    • Tip: test one article of baby clothing before switching over
  • Clean linen, bedroom and house regularly – baby may have a dust mite allergy which can be present in toys, linen, furniture, cushions or curtains. Make sure you:
    • air the house
    • wash any fabric which they may have contact with
    • vacuum regularly
    • manage pet access and child access to the same space/items
    • use synthetic pillows and duvets
    • Tip: buy domestic products that are designed to save pain, such as vacuums with allergen-filters or dust mite-reducing laundry liquid

How it treat it

Wash, moisturise and protect baby’s skin every day – some theories advise against treating skin allergies like eczema by not adding moisture to the skin, which water does through hydration. However, daily bathing cleans the irritated skin and removes the sources of irritation to leave baby skin soft, clean and happy (before anything else is added to it or pressed against it).

If you use a cleanser and protector like You By Sia’s Washi and Muti, baby’s skin is able to work on minimising the skin allergy and managing it more effectively indoors or outdoors.

  • Baby by Sia WASHI, is a beautiful hair and body wash gentle enough to clean even a newborn’s skin without impairing or striping away the natural oils or altering the pH levels of your little one’s skin and hair. With soothing seabuckthorn, nourishing phospholics and moisturising avocado and olive oil, baby’s skin is gently cleansed without drying it out or causing irritation. FREE from Parabean, SLS, Phenoloxyethanol, Chemical Fragrances and Mineral Oil. Buy now
  • Baby by Sia MUTI, is advanced soothing repair balm designed to calm agitated skin, help reduce redness and support healing of most rashes burns or bruises. With botanically sourced natural anti inflammatories, breathable moisture barriers and powerful antioxidants. Baby by Sia MUTI will help soothe and support baby’s skin from baby’s face to bottom. Milk rash, nappy rash, dry skin and even newborn dry inflamed skin will benefit from this balm. Using potent combination of Vitamins C,B5 and Kl together and Aloe vera, a little goes a long way. Safe to use on the face. FREE from Cortisone, Parabens , Phenoloxyethanol, Petroleum, Chemical Fragrances and Mineral Oil. Buy now
  • Baby by Sia ZINKI, is a physical zinc face lotion which will help shade baby’s skin from harsh daily exposure to sun and pollutants with powerful antioxidants such as green tea and gingko extract, whilst helping to nourish, moisturise, shield and hydrate the skin with aloe vera, jojoba oil, chamomile, coconut oil and vitamin F. Great for even assisting baby’s skin on those cold windy days too. FREE from Nanonised Zinc, Parabens, Phenoloxyethanol, Chemical Fragrances and Mineral Oil. Buy now
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Aaaaah, now you (and your baby) can rest easy

With an awareness of the potential contributors to your baby’s allergies, you can now prevent them – happy washing!

As always, Baby By Sia is happy to help, provide support and effective products and solutions for Mums, Dads and babies.

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