What is Nappy Rash?

Nappy rash is the term used to describe the inflammation of a baby’s bottom. It is caused by exposure to wet or dirty nappies, and is also called diaper dermatitis. It is a common condition that is the result of skin irritation, and can be tender and painful for your little one.

Identifying nappy rash

If it is really nappy rash, it will be red, inflamed, made up of splotches or blotches and sit on the surface of the skin, not in the folds. If not treated, it can develop into blistered, dry, cracked or broken skin.

Nappy rash on other parts of the body

If nappies are too loose, the irritation caused by nappy rash can spread to other parts of Baby’s body, such as the top of the legs, lower back and in the folds and creases of the skin. If the nappy is too tight then it will keep the skin under the nappy wet and close to the wee and poo, which is not good over time either.

What causes Nappy Rash?

Leaving a nappy on for extended periods of time can cause or exacerbate nappy rash. Constant moisture, and the rubbing that foreign materials like elastic, plastic and rubber can cause sitting directly against Baby’s skin, can make it more irritated.

However, a dirty nappy is the perfect place for what really causes nappy rash to flourish: yes, you guessed it – wee and poo are the real culprits in the Nappy Rash problem.

The nasty realities of your Baby’s nappy

Baby poo contains digesting enzymes, which can start breaking skin down if the baby’s skin is left in a dirty nappy for too long. Baby wee, broken down by bacteria contained in poo, aggravates skin with ammonia. An efficient system invented by Nature to flush out toxins, but not one your baby needs to sit in for very long.

Imagine if your skin was sitting in this mixture: it would not be very happy. Your baby’s skin is not as tough your own: it is new skin, prone to dryness and half as thin as adult skin.


Nappy rash pic from Sweet Elephants

How to prevent Nappy Rash

  • Let Baby have nappy-free time – nudie runs are good for their skin!
  • If nappy rash starts appearing, stop using plastic covers as they keep the wee/poo close to skin
  • Pat dry rather than rub dry, so you don’t irritate the skin
  • Wash with warm water, no soap and avoid talcum powder as it can be carcinogenic and can get caked in the folds of the skin
  • Add more padding at night to soak up baby’s waste
  • Use a nappy rash or barrier cream as this will protect Baby’s skin from getting (more) irritated.

What makes a good baby barrier cream?

Nappy rash creams are usually divided into two groups: pre and post appearance of the nappy rash.

  1. Barrier creams work better to prevent nappy rash, and
  2. Treatment creams, used once nappy rash has appeared.

Baby By Sia recommends Muti, a natural baby ointment that protects the area whilst still allowing the skin to still breathe, and is free from parabens, cortisone, petroleum and chemical fragrances or mineral oils.


This advanced soothing repair balm is designed to calm agitated skin, help reduce redness and support healing of most rashes, burns or bruises. With botanically sourced and natural anti-inflammatories, breathable moisture barriers and powerful antioxidants, Muti will help soothe and support baby’s skin from baby’s face to bottom. Milk rash, nappy rash, dry skin and even newborn dry inflamed skin will benefit from the balm. Using potent combination of Vitamin C, B5 and K1 together with millet seed and licorice root extract and aloe vera, a little goes a long way. Safe to use on the face.

Sia Hendry, skin specialist and mother as well, advises that for nappy rash, less is more:

  • Use a match stick head size and that’s enough for BOTH cheeks
  • Stop once skin has cleared
  • For nappy rash only 2 pumps for whole bottom – it is very concentrated

Happy bottom = happy baby

Happy bottoms make happy babies and we all want the very best baby skincare tips and products for Baby. By following these preventative and proactive nappy rash tips your little one will enjoy less skin irritation and more protection for their delicate skin.

As always, Baby By Sia is happy to help, provide support and effective products and solutions for Mums, Dads and babies.

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