Baby Skincare Series: Best Baby Skin Care

Out of the Mouths of Babes
“Out of the mouths of babes” is a saying that refers to an adult’s surprise when a baby or child says remarkable things – and we know they do! Your baby can tell you without words whether a product or treatment is good for their skin, but telling you through eczema, nappy rash or burns is definitely NOT what you want to hear from your little one.

Choosing the best baby skin care

When choosing the best baby skin care, it is useful to make decisions based on:

  • Your baby’s skin type
  • Product formulations
  • Any present skin conditions.

Because there are so many products available in the baby care market, knowing the basics about baby skin – and your baby’s skin – can save you time and money trying to buy the best products to suit their skin.

1. Baby’s skin needs special baby skin care products

Your baby’s skin is not like your own: it is new skin, prone to dryness and thinner than adult skin. Using family care products could hurt your baby’s skin, because of perfumes, soap or alcohol included in the product, so look for baby products that are:

  • Specifically formulated for baby skin, and
  • Free from perfumes, soap and alcohol

“PH balanced” or “pH neutral” products

Skin pH levels relate to how sensitive, permeable and resilient skin is. The ph scale measures how alkaline or acidic a baby’s skin and skin care products are, ranging from 0-14 with pH7 being a neutral level. Pure water has neutral pH.

According to Sia Hendry, You By Sia skincare specialist, baby’s skin pH should be slightly acidic at around 4.5-6.4 and her/his skin products should match it.

The most popular baby skincare may not suit your baby’s skin, so claims that a baby care product is “Ph balanced” or “ph neutral” will not mean anything unless the product has efficacy.

2. What makes a good baby skin care product?

There are four factors to consider when choosing a baby skincare range:

  • One that works with the skin and not against it.
  • One that does not alter the PH level of your baby’s skin.
  • Is safe to use on the face as well as the body.
  • Is free from any carcinogenic ingredients.

How these elements are combined makes the difference to baby’s skin. The efficacy of Baby By Sia skin care products is the key difference why your baby’s skin will see a noticeable improvement in a short amount of time.

3. Addressing common baby skin conditions like milk rash and heat spots

If baby has skin conditions that require specific treatment, knowing which baby skin care to invest in is a critical third step to choosing the right product.

Baby Jess + Milk Rash + Muti

Baby Jess was suffering from milk rash and heat spots, and Sydney Mum Vilma got in touch via Facebook to ask Sia what her friend should do for her baby.

Baby Jess + Milk Rash + Muti

Sia recommended Muti, a natural baby ointment that protects the area whilst still allowing the skin to still breathe, and is free from parabens, cortisone, petroleum and chemical fragrances or mineral oils.

Sia advised that for nappy rash, less is more:

  • Use a ‘match stick head’ size amount and that’s enough for BOTH cheeks
  • Stop once skin has cleared
  • For nappy rash only 2 pumps for whole bottom – it is very concentrated

Baby Jess + Milk Rash + Muti 2

Result: The milk rash and heat spots cleared up after only 4 days!

Listen to baby and ask for advice

In this case, the best skincare for little Jess was Muti, but the best baby skin care depends on your baby’s skin, the product effectiveness and your baby’s skin health. Consider these three things to help you buy the best for baby and as always, Baby By Sia is happy to help, provide support and effective products and solutions for Mums, Dads and babies.

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