Baby Massage can benefit your Baby’s Skin in a multitude of ways, through stress reduction, maintaining skin texture and reducing skin irritations.

It can also bond you and your Baby closer together – read How Baby Massage can help your Baby’s Skin below.


  • Time Length – 10-15 mins
  • When to massage Baby – after a bath, after a nap, or when baby is clothed or in their cot
  • Make sure – that the room is warm, noise is at a minimum and Baby is rested, calm and alert.
  • Use a gentle and respectful touch – do not force a massage if Baby is uncomfortable or irritable – massage is a great way to improve your communication with your child and also reduce their stress or discomfort.

5 Best spots to Massage Baby’s Body

  1. Both Feet
  2. The legs
  3. Torso
  4. The Arms
  5. Belly

How to Massage Baby – 5 best spots

  • Bottom of Feet. Using a few drops of baby moisturiser (like Muti), rub your Baby’s feet from the heel up to the ball of the feet. Judge the firmness against how Baby reacts, go lighter or more firmly if necessary
  • Up the Legs. Using little circular strokes, work your way up each leg, avoiding the genital area
  • TIP: bend knee toward chest to release gas, holding under the knee gently and pushing
  • Top of chest down the torso. Start on both shoulders and make gentle, sweeping strokes into the centre of the chest
  • The Arms. Stroking down and away from both shoulders to Baby’s hands.
  • TIP: remove any massage oil from their hands so they don’t suck it from their fingers
  • The Belly. Sweeping around the belly clockwise (to the right) in a circular motion. Avoid massaging the belly if Baby has just eaten or not digested yet.

Stress reduction

By responding intuitively to how your Baby is reacting to your massage, you will be able to adjust and release their stress – and your own if you have any! Massaging has benefits for you too, as the action of massaging releases oxytocin, a stress-reduction hormone, into your system while you do it.

TIP: Get Dad involved in baby massage – it can offer another form of bonding with your child, as he cannot naturally breastfeed.

Improving Skin Texture

Massaging allows the skin to absorb ointment and lotions more easily, and also makes the process more enjoyable for both of you. Select massage oils that are plant-based, in case of Baby digesting it, and also select natural products that are free from artificial chemical fragrances or mineral oils, petroleum, parabens or cortisone. Remember, baby’s skin is perfect as is, so you just want to be maintaining its’ healthiness and texture, and minimising external factors that irritate or cause damage to Baby’s skin.

Reducing Skin Irritations

Massage can help improve the condition of your Baby’s skin in the event of skin irritations, rashes, burns or bruises, depending on the ointment used and skin condition.

Minimising nappy rash, itches, rashes and skin flaking

Massaging in of ointments and lotions are dependent on where and how severe your Baby’s skin irritation is, but you do have to address it to prevent it getting worse.

Daily bathing and just after the bath is the ideal time to massage any products into your Baby’s skin, as the temperature will have opened Baby’s pores and the skin will be receptive to treatment.

Selection of skincare products should be gentle enough to soothe the skin, yet powerful enough to aid in the healing process. With botanically sourced natural anti inflammatories, breathable moisture barriers and powerful antioxidants. Baby by Sia’s MUTI will help soothe and support baby’s skin from baby’s face to bottom.


Milk rash, nappy rash, dry skin and even newborn dry inflamed skin will benefit from this balm. Using a potent combination of Vitamins C,B5 and Kl together and Aloe vera, a little goes a long way. Safe to use on the face.

FREE from Cortisone, Parabens, Phenoloxyethanol, Petroleum, Chemical Fragrances and Mineral Oil. Buy now

Soothing burns or bruises

As these can be painful, lightly dab on a barrier cream that allows the skin to breathe. Massage is not advisable until the skin has scabbed over or lessened in tone of bruise, but baby skincare products like Muti speed up the healing process when used at the appropriate point in the maintenance of your Baby’s skincare.

You and Baby – Feel More Confident and Relaxed with Massage

With these steps to making your Baby’s massage experience more relaxed, their skin will respond in a positive way and lessen irritations or damage sustained by baby skincare products or your massage technique: relax and enjoy the bonding!

As always, Baby By Sia is happy to help, provide support and effective products and solutions for Mums, Dads and babies.

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