Winter is here for the next few months and this can be a difficult time to keep not only yours, but your baby’s skin healthy also. Cold weather adds to the dilemma of newborns and babies learning how to regulate their body temperature (I imagine it must be like learning how to drive a car!), and babies overheat in winter as much as summer, leading to skin conditions such as ezcema and nappy rash. Try these 5 tips for extra baby skin care this winter to give both yours and Baby’s skin some extra loving care:

1. Cover up (the stroller)

When the wintry wind is howling along the footpaths as you jog with your baby in their stroller, imagine how the wind feels lashing their cheeks that close to the ground – Arctic! Try adding a custom cover to their stroller to shield them from both wind and sun, and this will minimise any environmental sensitivity they will have to extreme temperatures. And you can still go jogging ☺

2. Warm up (your hands)

Warming up your hands before you touch your baby can make any other experiences you are giving, like massage, much more enjoyable to your baby. I often massage my husband’s shoulders with my ice-cold hands and he can feel them stabbing through his jumper – imagine if your hands were this cold on your poor little baby’s skin? You can also warm up oil, testing it with your elbow to make sure it isn’t overly heated (microwave heat times and temperatures can make liquids deceptively hot even wen they have been sitting on the counter cooling down for ages!)

3. Heat up (the room) before bathtime

If you increase the room temperature 5-10 minutes before bathtime, it will make the transition between baby clothing and bath water much more comfortable for your baby. The ideal temperature is 38 degrees Celsius, close to body temperature, but check how hot it actually is with your elbow, before sliding your child into the water.

4. Layer up and down (clothing)

Learning how to layer clothing is a skill of the highest order for both you and baby! Clothing stores like Pumpkin Patch or Myer will have a huge variety of clothing and accessories to make layering possible. The reason why it is such a good practice is that when you are going in and out of cold weather, into heated rooms, the first thing you would do is strip off your scarf and hat – and baby should have the same options for you to help them with. As their skin is thinner and more delicate, not having weathered as many winters as your skin, a good rule is that your child should be wearing one more layer than you. Here is a list of layers to keep baby warm and comfortable in winter:

  • Onesies / inner long sleeved shirts
  • Baby suit
  • Mittens
  • Hat
  • Booties
  • Swaddling (up to two months of age)
  • Blanket (over two months of age)
  • Sleeping bag (to help wrigglers sleep better)

5. Check up (on fabrics and materials)

Baby skin is much more sensitive to fabrics and materials that can irritate their skin or inflame existing skin conditions. Woolen cardigans or sweaters can cause rashes to appear so if this is the case where the wool touches your baby’s skin, use a softer fabric to keep them warm. Cotton is the best as a base layer of material that allows baby’s skin to breathe, with other layers to go over the top. Fleece and flannel are also lovely layers for baby.

Keep it simple, every day

In the daily rush of bathtime, feeding and babysitting, basic planning can be forgotten, but these extra care tips will make all your activities with baby more comfortable, easy to perform and protective this winter for baby and for yourself.

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