All Babies need is Love, but these 5 Tips also help

This goes without saying: babies need the love of their parents to grow and thrive. But along with your love, you need to look after your baby’s skin health in a very practical way to ensure they stay healthy. Below are five of the best and simplest baby skincare tips to keep your baby’s skin happy, clean and healthy.

1. Wash your hands

This might be an obvious tip, but if you keep a skin wash together with your baby skincare products, you will use it in your baby skincare routine. Choose a natural handwash that is free from chemicals, preservatives and artificial colours and fragrances, and swap soap bars, foaming wash and liquid soap for an olive-oil-based castile soap.

2. Everyday cleansing

Regular washing can often dry out baby skin leaving it sensitive and flaky. As a baby’s skin is more delicate than others, finding a gentle wash that won’t strip it is important. Baby by Sia’s line of baby skin care products include Washi Gentle Moisturising Wash Hair & Body, which is a soap free cleanser that won’t impair the epidermal barrier. Gentle enough for both body and hair, Washi is an all-in-one solution. No conditioner is required after the wash. READ MORE


3. Cleaning Baby’s ears and eyes

Cleaning the outer part of your baby’s ear with a soft gauze pad, softened in warm water, is a simple and quick treatment that will minimise ear infection and maximise your baby’s hygiene. Do not, under any circumstances, clean the inner ear with a cotton tip, as it could damage the eardrum or push the material further inside the ear canal. Wipe behind their ears also, using Washi as an alternative to water.

Each day when you are bathing your baby, you can check their to see any changes in them and whether they need cleansing of mucous or sleep. Use warm water and a soft gauze pad, and wipe gently from the inside to the outside corner to remove mucous or sleep – do not rub your baby’s eyes as their skin is so sensitive, as well as their eyes, that it could irritate the area.

4. Trim Baby’s nails

Your baby’s nails grow quickly so it is a good idea to trim them weekly, so that they do not scratch their face. You do not have to cut them with nail clippers though: their nails are so soft that you can peel the ends with your fingers, or use an emery board to gently file away the edges. This is best after bath time as nail are very soft.

You could also put mittens or socks on their hands, or keep them wrapped up. To make it easier for yourself, do it while your baby is sleeping, or with your partner or friend who can hold them while you trim! If you are nervous of cutting the skin, dip baby’s nails in cornflour to whiten the nails for easier cutting.

5. Use a barrier cream

For relief after a skin trauma, inflammation, burn or bruise, using a baby skin care cream is a great solution. Muti Soothing Skin Repair Ointment is an innovative breathable barrier that provides welcome relief for most rashes and irritations. Muti’s formulation has a no-sting formula with natural anti-inflammatories, and is gentle enough to use on delicate areas including the face. Muti is great for nappy rash, milk rash and more. READ MORE


Keep it simple, every day

Knowing the basics of baby skincare, and using the best tips in your baby’s skincare routine every day, can save you time and money trying to buy the best products to suit their skin. So keep it simple and check your baby’s hygiene and health and as always, Baby By Sia is happy to help, provide support and effective products and solutions for Mums, Dads and babies.

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