You asked, and Sia has answered your Home Spring Cleaning for Babies questions. Read on for how to safely spruce up your home without damaging baby’s skin or health.

Q: We have a bit of mould in our baby’s bedroom – I am trying to get rid of it as best I can, but what should I do to stop it affecting my baby’s breathing?

A: Your local hardware shop will have topical paint solutions to cover and kill the mould if it on the wall. These other solutions are more hands-on for you:

  • Empty fridge water pans regularly
  • Remove indoor pot plants
  • Ventilate the house, open windows when possible
  • Use exhaust fans in the kitchen

Q: My child loves our cat, they play together all the time. Does this mean my child will have a cat allergy?

A: No, exposing your kids to animals will help them to build an immunity against them faster and sooner, making them less susceptible to having an allergy.

Q: Should I dry clean the rugs in my baby’s bedroom or is vacuuming them enough?

A: Vacuuming them is a great way to remove dirt, but not bacteria or mould.

Also, vacuuming only removes a small amount of allergen from carpets, and removes almost no allergen from bedding. Using the magic ingredient of baking soda, here is a recipe for Natural Homemade Carpet freshener.

Q: Can I cold wash my bedlinen (including my baby’s) to get rid of dust mites?

A: No, cold washing will not get rid of the mites if they are there. You should hot wash linen at around 55 degrees centigrade to kill the mite. Use Dust Mite covers for pillows and mattresses and doonas, as they allow moisture to pass, but not the mite droppings. These need to be removed and hot-washed every 6-8 weeks.

Q: How long can my child keep their favourite soft toys before I need to throw them out because of allergies or mites in them?

A: Minimise your child’s use of soft toys – and for the ones they can’t live without, leave in the freezer overnight as this will kill the dust mites.

Q: If I wash my Baby using WASHI, does that help them to avoid irritated skin longer than using soap?

A: Absolutely. Washi is a preventative as it works with baby’s skin to replenish lipids and calm any inflammation or irritation. It is also anti microbial. BUY NOW


Q: My baby has Allergic Dermatitis (developed after exposure to the grass lawns he was crawling on) – what Baby By Sia products can I use to help ease the blisters and rash?

A: Wash baby’s skin with Washi to alleviate inflammation and apply MUTI 3 times daily to the area until it clears up. Keep using the Washi ongoing to maintain healthy skin. There is no need to keep using the Muti once it has cleared up. BUY NOW


Q: If I dye my hair and then wash my hands a lot, can it still affect my Baby’s skin?

A: No, this should not have an effect on baby’s skin. However if you are concerned you can always use silicon disposable gloves when applying the dye, so your hands are protected.

Q: What should I do to spring clean my child’s room – the key items only!!!

A: Key items 🙂

  • Go through toy boxes and throw out any toys with mould.
  • Any plastic toys can be washed in the dishwasher to remove dirt.
  • Wipe down blinds or wash curtains at least every 10-12 months.
  • Be sure to Glen 20 the mattress monthly to assist with dust mites and bedbugs.

Q: If grass pollens are everywhere in the wind, how do I stop my baby from being allergic in Spring, especially if they can’t take Claratyne, Telfast or Zyrtec?

A: There’s not too much that can be done regarding pollens, as they are airborne – however, these tips may assist with the amount your baby breathes in:

  • Peg a muslin cloth over the pram when taking baby for a walk.
  • Fess or nasal sprays can be an option to help flush out the nasal passages.

Fresh, clean, happy Home and Baby

It is not always a baby skincare product that works the magic of keeping Baby’s skin happy and healthy.

A happy home – and baby – is a coordinated and well-researched one – hoping your Spring Home clean is successful and results in fresh, clean and happy baby too.

As always, Baby By Sia is happy to help, provide support and effective products and solutions for Mums, Dads and babies.

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