Looking for Effective Natural Teething Products?

As an unavoidable stage in your child’s growth, teething can be a painful experience for both child and parent. With many parents desperately resorting to teething products to help soothe their infant’s pain, it’s important to find solutions that are safe and effective. Baby by Sia encourages natural teething products such as a teething necklace to help calm your baby during this sometimes painful process.

How will I know if my child is teething?

There are a number of signs you can look out for to determine whether your baby is teething and if you need to start using natural teething products. While most infants enter this phase at 5–6 months, it can happen at any time between 3 to 12 months and will vary from child to child. Here are some things you can look for to determine whether teeth are coming through:

A little extra dribble – infants will often dribble a little more than usual before a tooth comes through. If this happens, keep an eye on your baby’s chin, neck and chest as the extra saliva can cause some irritation of the skin and may require a barrier cream, such as our Muti.

Gums and cheeks – at times you will notice your baby’s cheeks and/or gums have become red and inflamed.

Their mood – parents can often tell when their child is acting a little different. You will often notice they seem to be in pain or are acting a little more cranky than usual

Chewing things – teething infants will often place more objects in their mouth to chew on, which can help to relieve pressure.

Runny Tummy – You may notice that their stool becomes runny in consistency and more frequent.

How can I help?

Ask around and many parents will swear by their methods when it comes to soothing teething pain. The right solution will depend on your child and how they best cope with their discomfort. For some babies, the teething experience is short lived and relatively pain free. Here at Baby by Sia, we encourage natural teething products that are safe and effective.

We offer an amber teething necklace that has been lovingly handmade. The amber teething necklace is worn by the infant and can help to soothe their symptoms and discomfort. Beads are individually tied on to help ensure safety. As well as using the necklace, parents may also choose to give their child cold objects such as a wet facecloth or chilled food to chew on to help relieve the pressure.