Baby Skin Care Products with a Difference

When it comes to babies, one of the first things we’ll notice is their beautiful, soft skin. A baby’s skin is delicate, needing a little more attention and care than most. Developing a range of baby skin care products, including sun lotion and repair cream, that are gentle and nourishing, Baby by Sia has formulated products that utilise what nature has to offer.

Sun protection

Here in Australia, where the climate is hot and the sun is harsh, sun protection is crucial. Baby by Sia offers a physical sunblock that is great for children with sensitive skin that is easily irritated. One of the biggest issues with alternatives such as sunscreen is that it is easy to miss spots. With Zinki baby lotion, you’ll never miss a section again as its leaves a slight white film upon application. This means you can see where you have already applied and which areas need a little extra attention such as noses and ears.

Unlike sunscreens that are filled with chemical preservatives, which can often irritate, Zinki baby lotion is completely natural – it is clear from chemicals, preservatives and artificial colours and fragrances. As it is made with gentle, natural ingredients, this baby lotion is great for sensitive skin and even those with already irritated or inflamed areas.

Everyday cleansing

Regular washing can often dry out skin leaving it sensitive and flaky. As a baby’s skin is more delicate than others, finding a gentle wash that won’t strip it is important. Baby by Sia’s line of baby skin care products include Washi, a soap free cleanser that won’t impair the epidermal barrier. Gentle enough for both body and hair, Washi is an all in one solution. No conditioner is required after the wash.

Gentle soothing

For relief after a skin trauma, inflammation, burn or bruise, our baby skin care cream is a great solution. Muti is our innovative breathable barrier that provides welcome relief for most rashes and irritations. As our baby care cream is a no sting formula with natural anti-inflammatories, it is gentle enough to use on delicate areas including the face. Our baby skin care cream is great for nappy rash, milk rash and more.